I’m an avid tennis player. I love it. I play at least once or twice a week. But I often have trouble with my elbow, forearm and Achilles’ tendon.

I tried various topical pain relievers… but they were all missing a key piece of the puzzle:

An effective “delivery system.”

You see, you can’t just put a bunch of ingredients together, smear them on your skin and expect them to work. You need a way for your skin to accept, absorb and use the ingredients. Otherwise, nothing happens.

That’s often the case with a lot of the stuff you find at your local drug store. You might feel some tingling when you apply it… but the active ingredients (if there are any) just sit on top of your skin. You don’t get any real pain relief.

To find a better answer, I got together with the staff at my Wellness Research Foundation. Together we started researching new ideas.

I wanted something you can apply directly to where it hurts – something that would start working right away. And of course, it had to be 100% safe and natural.

The result amazed me. It’s a combination of 11 herbs and oils – with a proven delivery system that sends these natural painkillers deep into your joints, muscles and surrounding tissues.

As soon as we had a test sample I put it in my tennis bag and hit the courts. It passed with flying colors.

The afternoon was typical. After about an hour I had some soreness in my arm and elbow… I took a break and applied some of the oil around the joint and down my forearm.

In a matter of seconds the whole area felt invigorated. The swelling went down and I started to feel fine – everything back to normal. I went back on the courts and played pain-free.

I was so excited by its success I started giving it to my patients and staff:

“I work in an office and my neck and shoulders are always tense and tied up in knots. So when I got my first bottle [of Smooth-On] I rubbed a few drops where it hurt and then went into a meeting… An hour later I came out of the meeting and realized that I felt great! The pain was completely gone! Now I use it all the time and wouldn’t be caught dead without it! Thanks Dr. Sears, I had no idea this kind of instant relief was possible.”

— Sandy D.; Wellington, FL

Everyone who comes to my clinic has the same reaction. They can’t believe the kind of relief they get from a simple and completely natural formula. It’s fast and easy. But of course, that’s what I intended.

Once You Feel it You’ll Become a Believer on the Spot

Pain is a delicate subject. When you’re suffering it can be difficult to express just how much it hurts. I’ve seen patients completely debilitated from chronic pain. They do their best to get by – but pain can ruin lives and relationships.

When patients are in my office, I show them first hand. Once they feel it they become believers on the spot.

Bottom line: There are natural oils and botanicals that relieve pain. And there are clinical studies to back it up.

Here are the “All Stars” I Use for Fast, Reliable Pain Relief:

Arnica Montana (Flower Extract): Most people don’t know much about it—including a lot of doctors who specialize in pain management—but the pros sure do. Top competitive athletes use it to fight off everything from minor bruises to strained muscles and enhance their performance.

Arnica acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, opening up the tiny blood vessels in your muscles and joints to reduce swelling and pressure. It also speeds your body’s natural healing processes by delivering nutrients and oxygen to damaged tissue at the site of pain—fast.

Clinical studies prove it: Arnica is just as effective as your over-the-counter options. It eliminates arthritis pain—without dangerous side effects like ulcers, stomach pain, and other digestive tract problems.1

In one ground-breaking study scientists discovered arnica reduces severe swelling from injuries by 30%.2 It works wonders for people with serious injuries or post-operative trauma too. A recent study found a significant reduction in swelling among patients after major knee surgery.3

Sunflower Seed Oil: The oils of the sunflower seed are rich in organic compounds that promote skin, bone and joint health, including:

Vitamin D: A critical nutrient in bone health and strength that you’re probably not getting enough of. It’s known as the “sunshine vitamin” because your body makes it when your skin’s exposed to sunlight. It reduces swelling and inflammation caused by arthritis, strain, and injury.

Vitamin D also happens to be great for boosting mood and clearing your mind. This is something most people don’t think of when they think about pain, but the depressing effect of chronic pain is a significant part of the problem. Vitamin E: This is a major ally in pain relief because it helps maintain the overall health of your nervous system. Some of the pain you get from arthritis, muscle aches, and other kinds of pain come from damaged or irritated nerve endings.

Vitamin E helps them to heal and restores them to normal function. In fact, muscle pain, weakness, and even degeneration are the major symptoms of vitamin E deficiency.4 Beneficial fatty acids: The natural fats in sunflower oil help the delicate matrix of your skin tissues to maintain their structure. Painful, soft, bruised, red, or swollen areas at the site of pain need these to heal and remain soft and supple. But here’s the deal with sunflower oil: It’s a “carrier” oil; a transporter. It brings other pain-fighting ingredients together and “delivers” them directly through the skin, straight to the source of your pain, to give you immediate relief. It’s one of two oils at the core of my unique deliver system.

You see, sunflower oil “mimics” your skin’s natural fats. Once you apply it, your skin absorbs it almost instantly because it “recognizes” it as a friendly compound. That means you don’t have to wait. It goes in deep and gets right to work.

Emu Oil: This potent healing agent comes from the fat of a very strange-looking bird native to Australia. Aboriginal cultures “down under” have used it for thousands of years as a powerful remedy for just about every kind of pain you can think of.

It joins the battle against a host of pain-related injuries and ailments, including:

Burns Wounds Bruises Scars Bone, muscle, and joint pain from injury, strain, and arthritis

Emu oil’s packed with beneficial fats your body needs to heal and function properly. It’s a wonder food for your skin, bones, and joints. No wonder researchers have found it can significantly limit scarring from burns and other serious injuries.5

They’ve also found it to be a formidable enemy of inflammation, caused not only by injury, but also by a stressed out immune system. One study found it reducing swelling by 72%.6

Emu oil is good nutrition for your skin. It soaks it up, just like sunflower oil. The good news is that your skin absorbs any other healing agents along with it. In other words, emu oil’s also a “carrier” that helps to bring relief from pain… It’s the second part of my delivery system.

Like sunflower oil, Emu oil gets the pain-killing botanicals deep into your muscles and joints for fast pain relief.

Capsaicin: Capsaicin gives peppers their heat. It also relieves pain through a number of pathways in your body—safely and effectively.

Research reveals capsaicin’s “across the board” talent for getting rid of joint and muscle pain – especially by lowering inflammation.

Capsaicin is a potent inhibitor of substance P, a neuropeptide associated with inflammatory processes. When animals injected with a substance that causes arthritis ate capsaicin, they had significantly reduced inflammation. Other research shows that peppers can help control pain associated with arthritis, psoriasis, and diabetic neuropathy.7

Black Cuminum Cyminum (Cumin) seed oil: You’ll find cumin in a range of cuisines from Asia and India to the Caribbean. But it’s not just a tasty seasoning… The oil derived from cumin seed also happens to have a powerful warming effect, helping to soothe and relieve muscular and joint pain from arthritis and strain.

As a soothing agent, it also restores and stimulates the nervous system to help aches and pains, including migraines. And recent research shows it’s also a warrior against infections of all kinds—infections that can result from injury and cause inflammation all on their own.

One study found that in the laboratory, compounds taken from cumin seeds that had been stored for 36 years still had the power to halt a host of microbes in their tracks, including molds, bacteria, and common funguses.8

In addition to these pain-relieving all-stars, you can also find major relief with the following natural remedies:

Menthol: Soothes and warms sore areas by penetrating the skin. Its aroma also exerts a relaxing, calming effect. Wintergreen Oil: The key ingredient in wintergreen oil is methyl salycilate, an effective natural pain reliever. It’s also been used in deep-heating liniments for centuries.

To round out my formula, I added:

Zingiber (ginger root) officinale: Ginger’s been proven to relieve pain, fight fever and infection—even get you to feel relaxed.9 Oleo europeaea (Olive) Fruit Oil: Roman gladiators and Olympic athletes in antiquity used it to ease aches and pains after battle and competition. So can you. It’s packed with nutrients and essential fats your skin needs to heal. Tocopherol Acetate (vitamin E): Vitamin E maintains nerve health and eases those nagging sensations that come with injury and illness. Its antioxidant power also comes to your body’s aid as it tries to heal. Calendula officinalis Flower Oil: This traditional remedy reduces swelling, kills bacteria, and even sterilizes areas vulnerable to infection. Get up to 10 Times More Pain Fighting Power

These breakthrough botanicals do an amazing job on their own… but together the effect is stunning. I noticed it right away. I know you will too.

The 11 pain-busting ingredients completely overwhelm any other topical product out there… Just compare labels. Most of the other so-called pain fighters have just one or two of the proven ingredients you’ll find in my Smooth-On formula.

Smooth-On wipes out pain on contact. Apply it where it hurts… and the pain is gone!

No more dangerous drugs. No more waiting for pain pills to kick in. Smooth-On gives you proven pain relief right where it hurts.

If you decide to try Smooth On today, you'll also receive my special report on pain relief at no additional cost.

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Ruta graviolens homeopathic - here's the cream

I work as a nutritionist and this is one product I most regulary recommend and with most confidence. About 60% of the time I get back good reports. In the real world a 60% success rate is oustanding. I know lots of manufacturers make lots of claims about their neutraceuticals - but they are only ever talking about the success stories. In reality, most things, only help a small percentage of people. But Zyflammend is one of those things that really makes a noticable difference and fairly quickly. It is great with inflammatory sort of pain - old aching joints and limbs. Bad backs. Arthritis that sort of thing. I would add that if you have inflammatory pain then you MUST also treat yourself regularly with proteolytic enzyme therapy. These are enzymes that eat proteins and clean up inflammatory immune complexes. Thus, they go right to the heart of the cause of the pain. There are lots out there, but some I like are Virastop, Wobenzyme, Nattokinase, and those with high amounts of protease in them. Just be very careful to take them away from food or they'll end up digesting food in your stomach and won't get in the the blood to do the anti-inflammatory clean up. If you're really keen of reducing immune complexes in your blood to reduce pain then there is a stand out European product called Rechtsregulat. It is made of cascade fermented fruit and vegetables and sometimes work miracles especially where there is blood coagulation. I don't know if/where it is available in the USA. Wish Iherb would stock it. Good Luck.

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Rub magnesium chloride (or from swanson)brine on the affected area

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